130 Year Old Train Tunnel Bushwalk

130 Year Old Train Tunnel Bushwalk

130 Year Old Train Tunnel Bushwalk – For more information click here

By Richard Bruinsma

An interesting work of historic engineering is on hand for bushwalkers on the main track at Dularcha National Park at Mooloolah.

It emerges through the trees along the mostly-flat bush walk, a simple-but interesting man-made attraction that one can imagine would have been quite the laborious engineering feat some 150 years ago.The centre piece of the 3 km walk is a 100 m disused rail tunnel that was first constructed in 1861.

The tunnel is an easy 800 metre walk from the main entrance to the national park, at the end of Dorson Drive, Mooloolah.

The slightly curved concrete tunnel is today the home of bats, whose chittering provides an interesting and eerie overhead accompaniment as you walk through the darkness towards the arches of natural light at either end.

The entire track itself is an easy walk, mostly flat as you’d expect from what was once a railway line route, with sections of the track running adjacent to the existing rail line between Mooloolah and Landsborough.

The track extends from the central Mooloolah entrance to another entrance at Beech Road, which is just 1.25 km north of Landsborough Railway Station.

The national park is open to horse riders and mountain bikers, who also have an alternate steeper 200 m de-tour around and over the tunnel if they wish to give their thighs a little more of a workout.

Several joggers also were using the track on the morning I was there; it represents a good safe run away from traffic, a wide mostly-flat track, and a good 6 km length (return) to ensure you give your heart a good extended workout.

There also was a lot of small bird life around the area, so birdwatchers and photographers might enjoy a visit to the area.

The 3.09 km track took me 32 minutes at a good walking pace, but that included the occasional stop to take photographs.

The disused rail tunnel walk at Dularcha National Park at Mooloolah is ideal for My suggestion is to bring a small torch with you– one of those $4 ones from a discount store would slip into your pocket until needed – just to ensure your sure footedness in the tunnel after going from sunlight to darkness so suddenly.The surface is mostly compacted sand, but some areas are a little rocky and rutty so watch your footing to make sure you don’t roll an ankle.


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