Australian plants the inspiration of unique native liqueurs

Australian plants the inspiration of unique native liqueurs

Australian plants the inspiration of unique native liqueurs – Rainforest Liqueurs website

By Richard Bruinsma

Words like Gidneywallum, Kitcha-kontoo, Myrtifolia, Midyim and Wujigay might have many readers scratching their heads in confusion as they wonder exactly what they represent.

The answer is that they are all native Australian plants– in the vein of their forest mates, the Lily Pily, Wattle, Wild-mint and Wild Raspberry – that have an edible element.

But, like all good stories, there’s more.

Unique hinterland business Rainforest Liqueurs has utilised these special native food sources to create unique native liqueurs.

“I had been teaching myself about the Australian Native foods and cooking with them,” John King, who started the business in 2000 with his wife Mary, said.

“I was looking for a way of value adding the native foods and decided that making Liqueurs would be an interesting direction for a business.

“I originally come from the Appalachian Mountains in America. It has been traditional in the mountains to use the wild foods so it was an easy step for me to think of ways of using the wild foods in various ways.”

Rainforest Liqueurs makes 16 different liqueurs, using wild fruits, leaves and flowers of native bush trees and plants.

“Most people are amazed at the flavours that I am able to get from the native foods,” Mr King explained.

“They appreciate the fact that we are wild crafting products from our native foods”.

Rainforest Liqueurs, is located in the Hinterland, and is included on the Mystic Mountain tour of local hinterland farms and food producers and restaurants.

Mr King believes there is much more scope in Australia to better commercialise our native plants.

“Of the thousands of native foods in Australia only one is commercialized and that is the Macadamia nut,” he said.

“Of the others only about a dozen are used to any extent in restaurants and food products.”

They make 16 varieties of bush liqueur, including Anisata Liqueur, which has an ethereal aniseed flavour created from the leaves of the Aniseed Myrtle; Cooloon Liqueur, from a metallic sky blue fruit that creates a rich dark red Liqueur with a fruity taste, spicy backnote and complex tannins providing some astringency; Gidneywallum Liqueur with its strong plum-like taste with a resinous background; Kandertal Liqueur, made from the Australian desert citrus with a lime family flavour; Ke-ril Liqueur, rich and fruity, from a small purple native fig of the riparian rainforest; Kitcha-kontoo Liqueur, with its taste of berries and a hint of spice, produced using leaves of a tree from the monsoon country of the far north of Australia; Lemon Wardnee Liqueur, made from the leaf of a Eucalyptus of the tropical monsoon forests; Lilly Pilly Liqueur, with its hint of cloves, a very distinctive fruity taste, and a touch of spice backnote.

Rainforest Liqueurs are wholesalers.




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