Booking your holiday: the benefits of dealing direct with your chosen destination

Booking your holiday: the benefits of dealing direct with your chosen destination

You are planning to take a short break or holiday, so naturally you head to the internet for choice and convenience. There are now a huge number of online booking services in the market place, all purporting to give prospective guests the best possible deal, but here are some tips to consider to help you make the most of your bookings and get what you really want. The online booking services do not own the properties they advertise. They are advertising agencies and have no vested interest in the holiday accommodation you choose. The owners of these properties do want to give you the best experience possible; they want you to love their property, and that commitment will usually start right from the first phone call.

The booking services advertise that there are no booking fees. There are no added fees to you the guest, but there is a significant commission charged to the accommodation provider. The booking site will advertise that they offer the lowest tariff, but most contracts are set so that property owners cannot offer other online sites a lower price. It’s a good idea to phone the property direct as you may be able to take advantage of a personal offer, or at least book directly on their website. By booking direct you may be able to achieve a better rate.

The descriptions of accommodation properties on the booking sites are sometimes quite restricted. Again, phone the accommodation provider directly and talk about what you really need. If you book for two adults, then don’t be shocked if you are offered a king bed when you arrive, even if it is you and your cousin. If you need individual beds then call and talk about that. If you need to check if the property welcomes children, if you need a cot or a high chair or are concerned about the safety aspects of fireplaces, then phone and talk to the property directly.

Are you booking a surprise break or for a special occasion? Call the property of your choice to let them know it is your anniversary, or, that you are hoping to pop the question and would love to find a special picnic spot nearby or help you order some extra special flowers or chocolates! Locals can assist with recommendations for restaurants, activities or places of interest. Some of the booking sites do not actually provide the property with your direct contact information. In any area, but especially in Queensland, this is potentially a safety issue in case of road closures or severe weather conditions. Wouldn’t you rather be able to be contacted incase of emergency changes?

So, use the wonderful resources of the internet, but deal directly with your chosen destination, to make the most of your booking and holiday experience!

By Richard Bruinsma

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