Breathtaking Kondalilla Falls

Breathtaking Kondalilla Falls

Breathtaking Kondalilla Falls

A visit to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland would not be complete without visiting the spectacular Kondalilla Falls which is located inside the Kondalilla National Park near Montville.

Kondalilla National Park is 327 hectares of land featuring hiking tracks, spectacular mountain views, unspoilt rainforest and the breathtaking waterfall, where Skene Creek plummets 90 meters into a rainforest valley below.

Kondalilla is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘rushing waters’ and describes the park’s waterfall during the summer wet season.

Kondalilla National Park is a great place to go bushwalking, have a picnic, or cool down in the rock pool near the waterfall.

The park and waterfall also offer spectacular photographic opportunities – so don’t forget to bring your camera and appropriate footwear so you can explore the walking tracks which vary in degrees of difficulty.

Above the falls, tall open eucalypt forest mingles with rainforest species in wetter areas.

A drier forest grows on the western escarpment, featuring casuarinas with a grass tree understorey.

Kondalilla FallsThis spectacular parcel of land is an important refuge for many animals and plants including the rare pouched frog, Assa darlingtoni and the bopple nut, Macadamia ternifolia, which is vulnerable to extinction.

More than 107 species of birds and 70 species of reptiles, plus 32 species of frogs have been seen in the park and recorded from the nearby ranges.

Kondolilla National Park is open to the public and provides toilets, barbeque facilities, lookouts and walking tracks.

The park is close to a range of accommodation providers and other tourist attractions including farms, cottage industries, art galleries, cafes, restaurants and retailers who provide that unique experience only available when you visit the Hinterland.


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