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Mapleton National Park Walk the Lesser-known Track

Mapleton National Park Walk the Lesser-known Track Mapleton National Park provides perhaps one of the most challenging of all the sections of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland’s Great Walk. However, it also seems to be the lesser known of other walks, perhaps due to its proximity behind the very popular Mapleton Falls National Park. Mapleton National Park should not be confused with Mapleton Falls National Park, although the two are quite near each other. The complete 58km Great Walk utilises both – Mapleton Falls National Park is included in section three of the walk, while Mapleton National Park is section four of the walk. Entry is via Delicia Road, Mapleton, or by following the signs along the walking track within Mapleton Falls National Park. The Mapleton National Park walk includes steeper gradients, a myriad of roots along the path which require vigilance from tripping, several sections where walkers must climb over large trees that lie across the track. It also delivers perhaps the widest variety of landscapes as any of the sections of the Great Walk – thick rainforest, palm forests, thinned treed bushland, grasslands, steep rocky inclines and damp waterfall areas. This walk does provide the most visual reminder of the area’s logging past, with countless tree stumps bearing the signs of the lumberjacks and their axe-work to fell these majestic and lucrative sources of building timber. The 7.3km return walk from the parking area to Gheerulla Falls takes approximately 3.5 hours. Make sure you take the usual water and […]


Everything “strictly local” at Monty’s of Montville

If you’re looking to buy a Coca Cola in Montville, you’ll be wasting your time by dropping in to Monty’s of Montville. The store sells proudly sells only Queensland-made products, and some98% of those are sourced from producers locally in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Their blued ribbon products include 43 different milkshake and thick shake flavours, using only local Maleny Dairies milk, ice cream from Colin James in Maleny and flavouring syrups all sourced in the Sunshine State, mainly from Crows Nest. The store was recently voted among the best milkshake outlets on the Sunshine Coast, by “There was no one out there that sold only local products – they might do one shelf of them – but I wanted to do a whole store that was predominantly locally made,” owner Greg Burnett said of his motivation to open the store. That was five years ago, and so far it’s been a huge success, with some of their jams and chutneys in such demand from one-time English tourists that they’ll pay whatever it costs to get them posted to their home in London. “We’re in Queensland and I just wanted to showcase as much local as possible – if someone comes in from down south, they don’t want a bottle of jam from Victoria if they’re from Victoria themselves.” Monty’s of Montville also sell a musk flavoured soft drink made exclusively for the store, as well as exclusive dukkah’s in flavours like Montville Citrus Twist (nuts, herbs and spices […]


Mapleton Falls a Walk with Nature

Close your eyes, take a slow deep breath, and stand still on the walking track in Mapleton Falls National Park… then allow your senses to be absolutely soothed by the wonderful variety of bird calls echoing through the trees. Squawks, whistles, quick light chirps, and even a sound very much like joyful bright bell are among the sounds that emanate from the greenery. If you look closely as you walk the 1.3km circuit, you can catch a glimpse of the tiny birds that flitter amongst the undergrowth of this lush green rainforest area, as well as other birds scratching and playing among the leaves and rotting trees on the forest floor. The Mapleton Falls National Park walking track remains one of the hidden and relatively unknown natural gems of the Sunshine Coast hinterland, but well worth a visit. It is also section three of the Hinterland’s Great Walk – four individual hikes that stretch a total 58km from Lake Baroon, through Flaxton, through Mapleton Falls National Park, and then onto the adjacent Mapleton National Park. Mapleton Falls represents some of the best the Sunshine Coast’s inland mountain range has to offer in terms of natural beauty, magnificent views, lush plants and that thriving birdlife, as well as providing a historic glimpse into what the hinterland landscape was like in the years before development. The pathway is not very long compared to some other coast walking tracks; it is well marked, although it has more gradients and steps along the track […]