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Maps to Download

Driving Maps

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Sunshine Coast Hinterland Blackall Range Driving Map
Glass House Mountains Map
Sunshine Coast Driving Map



Walking Maps

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk (Start point).
This is the start of the 55km Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk. The walk crosses the Maleny/Mapleton Plateau and the Blackall Range. Bunya Pines, creeks, waterfalls and rugged landscapes are some of the natural wonders. The walk can be broken into a number of shorter walks from 1 hour to 7 hours. Some sections are not circuits so drop off and pick up will need to be arranged. There are designated camping areas but permits are essential. Contact www.nprsr.qld.gov.au or call 13 74 68. The walk has limited mobile coverage, go prepared. Check with local Information Centres at Maleny or Montville for maps.
Walks of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

The Maleny Trail – 6.7km return. An easy walk. Sections are wheelchair friendly.
Park in the Maleny Showgrounds and cross the Obi Obi Creek via the footbridge. Follow the banks along the boardwalk. Early mornings or late afternoons are the best time to spot Platypus. Step out onto the footpath and walk past the library, across the road and to the boardwalk at the back of the Riverside Centre. Follow the well signed trail along the creek, and around the golf course, then down Parklands Drive to retrace your steps. Dogs can be taken but must stay on lead. A delightful walk with over 54,000 trees planted along the trail.
Maleny Trail


Baroon Lookout

Berganns Walk – 20 minutes one way, easy walk.
This is the original footpath, through farmland, built by the early settlers from Berganns road to Witta road. It was used by children on foot or on horseback to and from school. It passes in sight of Berganns private cemetery and the first Lutheran Church in the district.
Berganns Walk

The Fig Tree Walk – 2km,  45 minute return (Wheelchair friendly)
Park on the Maleny side of Little Yabba Creek. Walk across the road bridge to the boardwalk entry. A sealed and boardwalk track provides wheelchair access. Highlights include giant specimens of the Moreton Bay Fig. Avoid touching the heart shaped leaves of the giant Stinging Tree. A great picnic spot beside the Mary River.
Fig Tree Walk

Gardner’s Falls – 1km, 30 minutes return, an easy walk.
Drive to the carpark on the banks of the beautiful Obi Obi Creek. Take the short level walk downstream to the falls. Discover the large pool at the base of the falls. There are toilets in the carpark.
Gardners Falls

Kondalilla FallsKondalilla Falls Walks – 2.4km to 4.6km. 45 minutes to 2 hours return.
From the car park to the picnic area is a steep concrete path, not suitable for wheelchairs. The walk to the top of the falls, the Picnic Creek circuit, is 2.4km. Allow 45 minutes as the steps on your return are steep. The 4.6km Kondalilla Falls circuit descends to the valley below with natural pools and lush vegetation. Allow 2 hours return as the return track is strenuous.
Kondalilla Falls Walks


Linda Garrett Reserve Circuit – 700m Moderate Grade 20 minutes return.
The walk takes you through wet Eucalypt forest and palm groves with a boardwalk section next to Gheerulla Creek. Car parking available on Delicia Road.
Linda Garrett Reserve Circuit

Mapleton Falls & Wompoo Circuit – 1.3km, 45 minutes return. Moderate grade. Wheelchair friendly to lookout off carpark.
Excellent lookout next to carpark with wheelchair access. Includes picnic area and 1.3km circuit. Spectacular views of rainforest 90m below and across to the waterfall. Listen for the Wompoo Fruit Dove high in the canopy. Check for Peregrine Falcons at the lookout along the path.
Mapleton Falls

Mary Cairncross Reserve & Rainforest Discovery Centre – 1.2 to 1.75 km. An easy walk, discovery centre, great views, cafe and toilet facilities.
Walk through one of the best remnant sub-tropical rainforests in Australia. The reserve is home to many rare tree species. Glimpse the rich variety of birds, the rainforest Wallabies (Pademelons) and perhaps the endangered Richmond Birdwing Butterfly.  Learn the secrets of this extraordinary reserve in the outstanding Discovery Centre. Soak up the haunting Glasshouse Mountains views. The Reserve is open from 9am until dusk 7 days.www.mary-cairncross.com.au
Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve