Number One Destination In Australia

Number One Destination In Australia

Number One Destination In Australia

In the words of a very successful politician, “Vote early, and vote often”. While I’m not sure that the Australian Electoral Commission may endorse this, I can say that it definitely works in tourism.

The online booking website, Trivago, has just released its ranking of accommodation destinations in Australia. And the winner is… Montville! Here’s their list of the top 10 Australian destinations for accommodation, along with their user reviews core:

1. Montville (QLD) 88.78
2. Stanley (TAS) 88.36
3. Rothbury (NSW) 88.13
4. McLarenVale (SA) 88.11
5. Marysville (VIC) 87.69
6. Stanthorpe (QLD) 87.57
7. Yallingup (WA) 87.45
8. Beechworth (VIC) 87.35
9. Maleny (QLD) 87.28
10. Daintree (QLD) 87.15

These results are based on averages of user ratings and reviews compiled from more than 250 booking sites. This is an amazing result for Montville and Maleny, especially considering the size of each of these villages. It is a graphic illustration of the levelling power of online activity and how small companies can very effectively compete with large organisations, despite limited budgets.

In the world of tourism, online reputation comes in a variety of forms – Trip Advisor,, Expedia,, Yelp and many more. The Trivago results are testament to the great service that our hinterland accommodation operators deliver, and they are to be congratulated for such a great result. However, we can’t rest on our laurels. Businesses need to keep up the quality of service, and support others to do the same. Encourage feedback from guests, embrace the power of social media and the region will continue to deliver positive results. Sunshine Coast Destination regularly run workshops on how to use these channels for those keen to learn more. Trip Advisor and online reviews are here to stay. Consumers have the power to create and comment at will, as a business owner you need to be aware of what is being said about you. Your right of response is often the only power that you have, so it must be effectively managed. Done correctly, it can lead to greater engagement, memorable guest experiences, enhanced reputation and ultimately, greater profits.

As a local, you can support our region by placing your own review about your experience at restaurants, cafes, or attractions. I’m sure that you will have experienced exceptional service from a local business. Why not tell the world. It’s easy and as can be seen by the recent Trivago results, the results can be phenomenal. Let’s keep the hinterland on top of the charts!

Mark Skinner
Deputy Chair
Sunshine Coast
Destination Limited

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