Waterfall Attractions opening “critical” for Hinterland Tourism

Waterfall Attractions opening “critical” for Hinterland Tourism


Waterfall Attractions opening “critical” for Hinterland Tourism


The re-opening of one hinterland waterfall attraction and the pending repair of a second waterfall’s viewing platform are critical to the success of local eco-tourism, tourism operators advise.

A section of the Kondalilla Falls walking track and the Mapleton Falls viewing platform had both been closed for around a year, due to damage caused by heavy rains during exTropical Cyclone Marcia in February 2015.

Alan Dryden, who operates the Falls Rainforest Spa Cottages at Montville with his wife Aryna, said the two waterfall attractions, along with Gardners Falls near Maleny, represented the “three jewels in the hinterland eco-tourism crown” so it was vital that they were all open and operational and ready to welcome visitors.

Thankfully, Minister for National Parks Dr Steven Miles confirmed repair work to the Kondalilla Falls track in early December had been completed.

“The Kondalilla Falls circuit track is now open following the removal of several large hazardous boulders from the cliff above the walking track,” a department spokesperson said.

Some of the boulders weighed an estimated 55 tonnes.

Meantime, site preparation work has started at the Mapleton Falls lookout and “slope stabilisation and structural work” is due to begin early March.

The work is expected to cost around $200,000 and take five weeks.

The work will include installing fibrecrete and mesh pinned to the substrate by metre-long spikes of steel, installing “micropiles” connecting the lookout to the bedrock beneath the soil surface and modifying drainage to ensure that water does not undermine the stabilisation work.

“Gardners Falls, Kondalilla Falls and Mapleton Falls are the most visited natural attractions in the hinterland,” Mr Dryden said.

“There’s an enormous number of day trippers who go to those national parks so whenever a track goes out of commission it’s of great disappointment to the visiting public.

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