Australian Opals – Precious, Unique and as Individual as you are

Australian Opals – Precious, Unique and as Individual as you are

The unique play of colour and extraordinary patterns makes the Australian Opal one of the world’s most beautiful and precious gemstones.

Opals Down Under, located in Glenview, has one of the finest selections of Australian Opal you will see anywhere in the country.

Down Under is open 9 am to 5 pm every day (excluding listed public holidays), at 11 Ballantyne Court, Glenview, or visit www.opalsdownunder.com.au

Started in 1985 by the Stein family (who still own the business), Opals Down Under has become one of the ‘go to’ destinations on the Sunshine Coast for visitors, and a first choice for unique jewellery for locals to select from too.

Now celebrating their 30th year, Opals Down Under reflect upon their achievements, from selling outstanding opal jewellery to the Brunei Royal Family, supplying beautiful opal earrings to Meryl Streep, cutting and polishing a rare Queensland Boulder Opal specimen to be used in a world monument in Japan celebrating Toyota’s 70th anniversary, as well as the multiple awards won. The Opals Down Under family takes pride in knowing they’ve helped to push the profile of Australia’s national gemstone.

Regarded as one of the finest Opal Cutters in Australia, Manager and Opal Artisan, Scott Coggan has an inspiring and inventive perspective on Opal Jewellery and says, “Gone are the days that we simply cut an opal, with many clients these days opting to widen their imagination and choose incredibly individual, contemporary designs.”

“We put a unique spin on opals with very original and contemporary cuts and settings, cutting the opals into all sorts of funky and modern designs.”

The Opals Down Under team are also passionate in educating visitors on the ins and outs of Australian Opal, helping to explain the differences between the types of opal, why the values of each stone vary, and how the stones get their magnificent colour.

This is also demonstrated through their high-ranking website and online store, guiding customers through the steps of opal valuations, history, and advice on which settings suit. Assistant Manager and Website Coordinator, Rhys Fox explains that the business prides itself in treating their online customers as if they were in the store themselves.

“We know shopping online for high-end items can be daunting, but we are there (digitally speaking) every step of the way to help guide our online customers with choosing the right opal, particularly when it comes to custom design jewellery,” he said.

Opals Down Under have also noticed a shift in favour towards the precious multi-coloured gem, with more Australians choosing to use opal to celebrate special occasions, particularly engagement rings.  This is something Mr Coggan sees as an interesting swing from the more traditional single-coloured gems.

“I do believe that stems from people wanting something visually unique, and appealing, which opal has over the rest of the precious gemstones. People want to celebrate their uniqueness; their individuality,” he said.

And finally, just remember that there’s more in store at Opals Down Under, as they also stock semi-precious gemstones and specimens, local artwork, plus the famous Scratch Patch Gemstone Fossicking areas.

So, explore Opals Down Under in Glenview and expand your knowledge on Australia’s gem, for we know that what we do is something very special because there is nothing quite like the moment when an opal captures your heart.

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