Cocorico Chocolate – a Tasty Gem off the Tourist Path

Cocorico Chocolate – a Tasty Gem off the Tourist Path

Cocorico Chocolate – a Tasty Gem off the Tourist Path

Not far off the beaten track (344 Flaxton Drive, Flaxton QLD) is a sweet treat for those with a tastebud for quality, and you will find the unique little boutique chocolatier, Cocorico Chocolate.

The business is run by Sebastien Clerc, who, at just 21, already has five years’ experience in creating unique French chocolates and, more recently, traditional hot chocolate drinks.

His chocolates are manufactured from imported French chocolate infused with a variety of special flavourings. His hot chocolate drinks are made from the chocolate, but mixed with cream and milk and a variety of flavours including strawberry, raspberry, hazelnut, cardamom and for those with a fixation on spices, there’s the ancient Mayan flavour that includes chilli, cayenne pepper and cinnamon.

Sebastien’s business started as many others do – he loved eating chocolate, but was dissatisfied with chemicals found in most other chocolate on the market.

“The love of chocolate,” is the simple reason he gives for the underlying motivation for launching Cocorico Chocolate.

“I love eating chocolate, but I got sick of all the artificial supermarket stuff, so I started making my own,” Sebastien said.

“And people said I should start a business… so I did.”

That was when he was 16, so he started googling and watching YouTube videos to research and teach himself the process.

His research is “ongoing”, although he has well and truly learned skills to earn the title of Australia’s youngest chocolatier. In the ensuing years he has garnered a good following among Flaxton locals.

“Sitting off the road, I don’t get a lot of passing traffic,” Sebastien explained, “but I get lots of locals who keep coming back, so that makes me sure I’ve got a good product.

“They come to purchase my products as gifts or just come to have one of my hot chocolate drinks.”

Sebastien’s business is included on the Mystic Mountains food tour of the hinterland.

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