Experience the wonder of Sculpture on the edge

Experience the wonder of Sculpture on the edge

Sculpture on the Edge

‘The Gate Post V2.0’ by Charles McGuire Winner 2017

Every year Arts Connect Inc. in association with SPICERS Tamarind Retreat, provides the opportunity for both local and national sculptors to showcase their work in the charming grounds of Tamarind Retreat in the ‘Sculpture on the Edge’ Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition. Sculptors select locations in the lush green landscape to best display their works and visitors have a chance to explore the grounds and vote for the ‘People’s Choice’ awards, take morning or afternoon tea at the restaurant or be involved in ‘Meet the Artist’ events. 

This is the 9th year ‘Sculpture on the Edge’ (SOTE) has offered considerable prize money to both major and minor winners of this sculpture exhibition. It features a wide range of sculptures, including works in wood, metal, ceramic, stone, bamboo, natural materials, found objects, recycled waste and ephemeral works, with $10,000 on offer to successful artists. 

Sculpture on the Edge

Starey Hairry Coo by Elli Schlunke People’s Choice Award 2017

“This year continues the tradition of encouraging work to make use of the natural environment, and is shaping up to be one of the best ever exhibitions,” SOTE 2018 Co-ordinator Richard Muldoon explains. “In this stunning landscape which brings many thousands of visitors to our region every year, an outstanding sculpture trail is an added attraction to both locals and visitors.” 

General Manager, Ryan Dillon says, “Spicers Tamarind Retreat, has had the privilege of hosting Sculpture on the Edge since 2010, and is delighted to once again be home to the event. Since its inception we have watched the event grow not only in size but also the quality of the artwork. It really is a fascinating showcasing of work from some of the country’s finest sculptors. We invite everyone to come and experience the event and take the time to relax whilst meandering through the tranquil rainforest surrounds of Spicers Tamarind Retreat. Our restaurant has an array of food and beverage options available for those who want to indulge a little longer. We look forward to your visit.” 

The Exhibition runs from September 10 to 30 and is open to the public from 10am – 4pm. For further information check www.sculptureontheedge.com.au or www.artsconnectinc.com.au. 

Sculpture on the Edge

‘Happy gathering at the contentment conference and you’re invited too’ by Belinda Stanton Emerging Artist Award 2017

Article published in August/September Edition of Come on Up 

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