Fine Original Art

Interior of Art on Cairncross 4

Fine Original Art

There is a strong history of fine original art on the Blackall Range. Inspired by the outstanding natural beauty, many professional artists have chosen to live in the area and so there is a wealth of art and galleries to be found in the region. ‘Art on Cairncross’ has a reputation for showing a remarkable diversity of visual art from professional artists with substantial careers.

Fine Original Art

“Mountain Aspects”, porcelain, lustre and gold by Johanna De Maine

Fine Original Art

“Dance of the Blue Wrens”, watercolour by Rex Backhaus-Smith

The exceptional quality is apparent, from the unique style of senior painter Rex Backhaus-Smith depicting the very essence of the outback to the exquisite porcelain works by internationally renowned ceramicist Johanna De Maine, many of which feature her interpretations of the Glasshouse Mountains. There are finely executed watercolours, delicate bronze bird sculptures, elegant marble sculptures by Fiona McCarron and breathtaking still life paintings by Ian Mastin. But the works become even more enthralling with Michael Taylor’s leather mask sculptures and Steve Thompson’s steampunk pieces. These are a few examples from the stable of 42 artists in the gallery, where each month finds a different feature or exhibition to be experienced in one room and the eclectic mix across the rest of the space. 

The levels of creativity and craftsmanship make this a destination gallery, as many have discovered in their over 23 years in business, but directors Tony Gill and Jane Caraffi still pride themselves on ensuring that their service is of an equally high standard. “We believe strongly in our role as the artists’ representatives and love to share the stories behind each work of art…because that is another important aspect of every piece being individual” says Tony. “We are lucky enough to know all of our artists well and know their influences and see them at work, which allows us to relay the background to interested viewers”. Jane adds “There is still great joy in seeing an artist’s progression and in helping a client discover the right art work”. 


Fine Original Art

“Plume”, marble by Fiona McCarron

There are many treats in store at ‘Art on Cairncross’ where there truly is something to engage everyone. So don’t miss this opportunity when visiting the hinterland. Situated at Cairncross Corner en route to the best views of the Glass House Mountains and the beauty of Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, this is a further feast for the sense. 

www.artoncairncross.com.au Open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.  

Article written and published for Dec/Jan Edition of Come on Up 

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