Getaway from it all at Bellthorpe Stays

Getaway from it all at Bellthorpe Stays

Bellthorpe Stays

Nestled in the rolling green hills at the confluence of the Blackall Range and the Conondale Range is Bellthorpe Stays. Being just over an hour from Brisbane, Bellthorpe Stays is quite accessible yet tucked away from the riff raff of busy day to day life. There is absolutely no traffic at Belthorpe Stays.  

Immerse yourself in the peace and quiet, with birds and wildlife nearby, you won’t want to pack your bags for the trip home – yes, linger for a little bit longer. You can easily lose yourself in the tranquillity of the surroundings.

Bellthorpe Stays is on 400 acre property with tall eucalyptus woodland and rainforest with buttress trees, strangler figs, fern trees and tangled vines. The property shares a two kilometre boundary with the Bellthorpe National Park with its immense vista of protected habitat.  

Offering both a simple farm stay as well as a nature based accommodation experience with four private and well equipped cabins.  These are ideal for singles, couples, friends or family.  Cabins are one or two bedrooms with each one fully self-contained with linen and all that you need for a comfortable stay, all you need to bring is your food and personal belongings. 

Bellthorpe StaysDuring the winter months, you can get cosy by the log fire – yes, the wood, kindling and fire starters are supplied and well stocked. 

Winter months typically are cool at night, frosty mornings and beaming warm sunshine during the day.  

All the cabins are setup to take advantage of the local scenery; birds will visit you regularly and many of the cabins areBellthorpe Stays visited by local wildlife.  

With at least five different types of habitats on the property, there’s a great variety of birds including many of the rainforest birds such as noisy pittas, regent bower bird, rifle bird, Wompoo pigeon and Marbled Frogmouth. 

There is a good chance you will see paddy melons, bandicoots and you might be lucky enough to see an echidna or the elusive platypus.  

With all that the Sunshine Coast Hinterland has to offer, it’s just a short drive to Maleny and the nearby attractions.  

At Bellthorpe Stays, there is several kilometres of walking tracks which take you to ponds, creeks, forest or private waterfalls located on the property.  With the reliable rain in the hinterland, the waterfalls pretty much run all year round.  

At particular times of the year, there are other natural spectacles such as fire flies, Richmond Birdwing Butterflies, Black Cockatoos, masses of fungi and misty mornings. 

Bellthorpe Stays is located on Willett Road, Bellthorpe for more information visit the website www.bellstays.com.au or email your hosts David and Wendy Clark stay@bellthorpe.com.au

Article written by and published in June/July Edition of Come on Up

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