Instructions on how to update your member profile

Instructions on how to update your member profile

If you would like to make changes to your profile then go to hinterlandtourism.com.au/login/

To edit your profile

Once you have logged in you will arrive at the “WordPress Dashboard”

On left hand side of the Dashboard click  HTSC Member from the  black menu

You will see your business come up  on the right – click into your name  to open your profile.

Before You start

Make sure you have 2 rows of tools visible – If you only have the one row that starts B (for bold)  I (for Italics) then you need to Click on the icon which is  14 icons in from the left. It is called “Toggle Tool Bar”
The second row will start with a “paragraph ” option as a drop down


Updating the Profile Basics

1. Your Business Name will appear in the title
2.This text box is where you can edit your overview description
3.Next  – look to the right and select your category check box . You are only able to belong to more than one category if you have paid the extra $50 per category with your membership
4. Scroll further down under category and click to “add feature image”. If you  do not add a feature image the default HTSC logo will display. When you click to add feature image the media library will open. You will able to upload your best image from your computer here.  The image must not exceed 2MB

Update as you go!! The blue button on the top right hand side above category

Category Specific Detail

The section will vary based on your category.
Eg: Accommodation Category will show Accommodation Type, Accommodation Other etc
The business categories are:

  • Accommodation
  • Arts & Culture
  • Food & Wine
  • Nature
  • Services
  • Shopping
  • Weddings

Finally The Profile Tabs

Here you cover

  1. Details
  2. Business Deals
  3. Social Media
  4. Gallery: You can use your Instagram feed, a slide show or individaul images.
  5. Hot deals

Work through each section updating as you go.
Remember a lot of the original data has come across except the Gallery because we now have multiple options available for you.

We are here to help you
If you need help with your profile please call our volunteer Exec team member Mark Skinner on 54785000. He will step you through any issues you are having.