Mapleton Artist’s Satisfying Career “meant to be”

Mapleton Artist’s Satisfying Career “meant to be”

Mapleton’s Marilyn Dale-Cook is in that perfect place where she has found her calling to be an artist, yet she feels no pressure to produce her art to make a living.

She describes her art as what she is “meant to be doing”, and it being a case of “needing” to draw rather than simply wanting to draw.

“The process of drawing and painting centres me and I know this is what I am meant to be doing,” Ms Dale-Cook said.

“A picture tells a thousand words and means different things to different people – if I can give pleasure to people by touching something that is really meaningful to them, or made a statement about the world we live in, I have done my job as an artist.”

Ms Dale-Cook was introduced to art by her father, a water-colourist. She dabbled in art as she raised a family, and later further developed her skills through various TAFE courses and then achieving a bachelor of Arts in Fine Art-Visual Art, with a major in intermedia.

“I love intermedia as it gives you the freedom of choice as to which medium to use and combine it with other mediums,” she explained.

“My work varies from ‘traditional’ to  ‘contemporary’ and  ‘abstract’ – once again, the subject dictates the rendering.

“The subjects I chose normally have some association of familiarity; be it a place I have been, a feeling or people.”

Ms Dale-Cook has no artworks on display in galleries, instead finding good success by displaying her works at various displays annually by the “Blackall Range Visual Artists”.

“I feel more relaxed and am happy with the results,” she said of the low key but satisfying exhibitions.

“I have sold paintings to people from around the world and felt no pressure to produce what I am selling.”

“…the public are amazed at the standard and the variety we as a group have; we are very successful and the format works well for me as an individual artist and the group.”

Ms Dale-Cook is a member of Arts Connect, which hoists the open studios weekend on the last weekend of each month.

To check details on Arts Connect events and open studios, visit: http://artsconnectinc.com.au/locations/sunshine-coast-hinterland/

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