Lots to see, so Come On Up!

Kondalilla Falls

Lots to see, so Come On Up!


Visitors to the Sunshine Coast hinterland are warned to not make the mistake of leaving the area before they’ve experienced everything The Hinterland and the surrounding communities have to offer. Be sure to Come On Up and explore.

The list of attractions is not as straight forward as many may think – it’s very diverse in deed.

The region encompasses the well-known headline towns of Montville, Maleny and Mapleton, but then also boasts the unique attractions that come with the farming and alternate communities of Conondale, the colonial town of Kenilworth with its national parks, bushwalks, and camping grounds, and outlying communities like Kenilworth, Landsborough, Mooloolah, and Palmwoods.

Come on up to MontvilleThe hinterland has well and truly developed a great reputation for its unique and quaint boutique shops, its beautiful coffee shops and restaurants, and the views to the coast that are so readily accessible in Montville itself and along the hinterland’s mountain ridge road.

But the lesser-known attractions include the region’s produce and food attractions – visitors are able to visit working farms, organic vegetable and fruit producers, coffee roasters, and spend time cooking with unique locally-made marinades and sauces.

There are also speciality breweries manufacturing world quality beers, a boutique liqueur-maker using native bush foods to create unique flavours, cheese producers, and dairy farms that produce the freshest dairy products that need to be experienced to believe, as well as providing accommodation that allows visitors to experience working farms.

The natural attractions include countless bushwalks, starting with the 58km Great Walk that meanders from Lake Baroon through the range to finish at Mapleton Falls National Park. Bushwalkers can camp along the route too.

Thankfully, the Great Walk doesn’t have to be daunting. It’s conveniently broken up into four sections that are each an individual day walk in their Come on up for the Great Walksown right.

Then there are the shorter bushwalks like those at Kondalilla Falls in Flaxton, Baroon Pocket Dam and Gardners Falls at Maleny, Mapleton Falls at Mapleton, the Charlie Moreland Park camping and picnic area just outside Kenilworth, which has become one of the most visited camping sites in South East Queensland, along with other bushwalk and camping sites and private camping grounds.

The natural tourist attractions also boast the greenery and rainforests for which the region is known, all manner of unusual plant life, birds and native animals.

The beautiful natural surrounds also lend themselves to romance, with the region home to a blossoming wedding industry, complete with stunning chapels, wedding and function centres, for those wishing to tie the knot in memorable surroundings.

The hinterland is a unique and special destination, with attractions that satisfy a wide variety of aspects and interests, and not the run-of-the-mill as some may believe at first glance.

It’s all supported by wonderful accommodation, ranging from motel-style rooms through to B&Bs and even farm stays that allow guests to step into their local garden to pick the freshest ingredients – whether vegetables, fruit or even fresh eggs – to go straight to the kitchen and into their delicious meal.

So, if you’ve arrived in the hinterland, ready to be refreshed and revitalised, make sure you make the most of your stay and truly properly partake in the many and varied things here to do.

And, if you’re still wondering where to go on your next break, the Sunshine Coast hinterland has so much to see, so make sure you Come On Up.

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