The magic of Christmas at Montville’s Fudgyboombah

The magic of Christmas at Montville’s Fudgyboombah

Who would have thought you can make a fudge that tastes exactly like Christmas pudding?  


Greg Jones – also known as Mr Fudgyboombah – samples some of the Montville sweet store’s very popular home-made Scottish Tablet, an old fashioned fudge that is attracting interest locally and world-wide.

Well that old son of a gun Mr Fudgyboombah AKA Mr Greg Jones and his talented wife Gail have done exactly that.  

In 2010 they made their first batch of Christmas Pudding fudge cakes, a 350 grams fudge cake that looks like a pudding, it even has the thin layer of custard on top.  

They made the first batch in 2010 and there was more demand than they imagined and every year since then the orders come in earlier, in fact there are already orders this year!  

They say the proof is in the pudding so they gave one to friends, the husband is not a fudge fan, so when his wife saw him enjoying a huge piece she told him it was fudge and he said no this is Christmas pudding, it tastes exactly like that anyway.  

The vast array of delicious home-made fudges and nougats on offer at Montville’s Fudgyboombah makes it a wondrous and magical place to visit in the Hinterland.  


Gail Jones stirring magic into every fudge recipe at Fudgyboombah, the sweetest location in Montville.

Greg and Gail have worked tirelessly to create unique fudges, their ‘Scottish Tablet’ has attracted customers from all over the world.  

“We didn’t have an old family recipe to fall back on so we had to find our own recipe,” Mr Jones said. 

“And it took four years to perfect it before we put it out for sale – now it’s our equal best-seller.” 

It’s one if the unique fudges available at Fudgyboombah, which has more than 70 different flavours on sale every day – with recipes for 140 flavours there’s always something different to try. 

Orders for the amazing Christmas puddings are being taken now so visit www.fudgyboombahs.com.au  or visit the store in central Montville at 168 Main St, Montville. Phone contact is 5478 5455. 

Article written and published for Oct/Nov Edition of Come on Up 

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