Old style “Scottish Tablet” gives fudgyboombah global attention

Old style “Scottish Tablet” gives fudgyboombah global attention

The vast array of delicious home-made fudges and nougats on offer at Montville’s fudgyboombah has ensured it is a wondrous and magical place.

But it’s the traditional Scottish Tablet – an old fashioned fudge made in-house using condensed milk and a tried-and-tested secret recipe – that is proving to be an absolute hero to young and old customers alike.

Owner Greg Jones– also known as Mr fudgyboombah – said the unmistakable flavour of Scottish Tablet is having the wonderful affect of triggering memories and transporting customers back to simpler years gone by.

“It’s so old fashioned and everybody remembers it; once they taste it, they say, ‘Yes, I know that taste’,” Mr Jones said.

“Depending on what age you are, it stimulates different reactions from different people.

“We get grannies who taste it and say, ‘My mother used to make that, I haven’t tasted that in 50 years’.”

“It just transports people back in time.”

The dedicated search for the perfect recipe has been well worth it, with demand for the fudgyboombah Scottish Tablet now coming locally, across the state and even internationally.

“We didn’t have an old family recipe to fall back on so we had to find our own recipe,” Mr Jones said.

“And it took four years to perfect it before we put it out for sale – now it’s our equal best-seller.”

It’s one if the unique fudges available at fudgyboombah, which has more than 70 different flavours on sale every day – with recipes for 140 flavours there’s always something different to try.

“We rotate the flavours – we have winter flavours, summer flavours, special event flavours,” Mr Jones said.

“We even have a 350gram Christmas Pudding Fudge – complete with custard flavoured fudge on top – which we make for just the six weeks before Christmas.”

The fudges are accompanied by an array of nougats as well, including flavours like banana, peppermint, mango, pineapple and passionfruit, white chocolate and blueberry, pistachio and cranberry, and nut-free nougats.

Also sells a specialised range of other sweets – including freeze dried ice cream invented by NASA for its astronauts, the popular Bean Boozled  jelly bean game that includes the most bizarre flavours imagined, and numerous other unique sweets.

fudgyboombah is in central Montville at 168 Main St, Montville. Phone contact is 5478 5455.

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