Sunshine Coast Vintage Photo Booths


Sunshine Coast Vintage Photo Booths

Sunshine Coast Vintage Photo Booths

Our Sunshine Coast Vintage Photo Booths

Meet Lance and Barry, our Sunshine Coast Vintage Photo Booths! We love to show off our boys so make sure you check out our website to read more about Lance and Barry. Larry is our beautiful hand crafted photo booth made from Victorian wood. Barry is our cheeky GIF Booth who loves animating your normally still shot photos into silly moving images. If you are thinking of having an engagement party then Barry is a great booth to start with, then when it’s time for your wedding we recommend using Lance. This will keep it interesting for you and your guests.

Your Memories Are Special

We love to help you save your special memories for your special Day. Sunshine Coast Vintage Photo Booths is a great ice breaker for some and you get to have loads of fun creating the memories with the ones you love.

You want to hold on to those special moments and relive them when you look back at that special event.

Why Choose Us?

Like you we love to have fun and we want your pictures to reflect the fun you had that day.

We want to see you smile every time you look at those pictures and we will take the extra steps so you and your guests have a blast. We don’t have boring awkward photo booth attendants, just one who are fun and don’t worry there is no need to be shy in front of us.

At Sunshine Coast Vintage Photo Booths we have an excellent track record because we love what we do and we are great at it.  Seeing people enjoy themselves and having the best time is one of the reasons we exist.

We guarantee satisfaction. We are confident and will do what it takes to put together the perfect package to suit you.