The Strangler Cairn, Conondale National Park

The Strangler Cairn, Conondale National Park

Strangler Cairn - Conondale Range Great WalkIn the rugged Conondale Range, this park features luxuriant rainforests, tall eucalypt forests, waterfalls, boulder-strewn creeks and spectacular scenery.  The diverse forests provide homes for a wonderful variety of wildlife including more than 120 species of birds and many mammals. The threatened but seldom-seen yellow-bellied glider lives in the open forest. Some rare and threatened species are found in the Conondale and Blackall ranges, including the cascade tree-frog and plumed frog-mouth.

The 56 km Conondale Range Great Walk showcases the very best of Conondale National Park’s natural features. A sculpture by internationally renowned artist Andy Goldsworthy is within a half day walk on this track and compliments the stunning beauty of its environment.  The walking track to Artists cascades goes past the sculpture.

The Strangler Cairn© is an impressive 3.7m high sculpture made from many hand-cut granite and metamorphic blocks and includes a rainforest strangler fig sapling that is growing from the top of it. The artist’s intention being that over time the fig’s roots will grow to eventually cover and ‘strangle’ the cairn.

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